Flex hub, YUB

Strategic collaborations

YELH’s flex hub, or YUB is a network of experienced independent lawyers who like to work together, with no strings attached. Some cases or projects just require more than one pair of extra hands or a specific type of expertise. In that case, YUB can offer the solution.

YUB offers also the opportunity for Structured Peer Consultation to exchange views on the legal and non-legal aspects of our work. Effective March 1, 2020, all registered Dutch attorneys are required to participate in a quality test each year in the form of structured feedback. More information on Structured Peer Consultation is available here

YUB offers the means for replacement in the case of absence. Registered lawyers are obligated to describe the manner in which, in case of absence, he or she will ensure a proper replacement by a lawyer or the transfer of a file. YUB can be your platform to meet that obligation.

Are you a lawyer / legal consultant with at least 5 years of experience in a top tier boutique firm or magic circle firm and interested in a strategic collaboration, feel free to contact me.