Advisory work

Pragmatic legal advice

I offer legal advice about intellectual property law, contract law, tort law, unfair practices, and private international law.

I have assessed the legal position of many businesses and provided advice on their legal rights and obligations.
My experience includes advising on technology related disputes and collaborations, in the field of IP, but also in relation to contracts and tort. 

Examples include:

  • Assessment of infringement of copyrights by one of the biggest construction companies in the Netherlands as a result of using protected images on its website;
  • Responding to an alleged breach of contract in a toll manufacturing agreement between pharmaceutical companies;
  • Reviewing the legal position of a media enterprise in a dispute about intellectual property rights on a TV show;
  • Determining the legal position of a leading R&D supplier of semi-manufactured products in a dispute about defective technical products;
  • Analyzing the position of a global tech company accused of selling devices with the insufficient safety updates;
  • Research on how Dutch courts apply Dutch patent law in specific circumstances, for example in relation to dosage patents;
  • Providing advice on questions of jurisdiction and applicable law.  

Other services
IP litigation support, Commercial contracting, IP / IT expert in M&A transactions and Training and lecturing

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